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For the Project
“Development of the Water Supply and Wastewater Systems in the City of Mykolayiv”

The Municipal Enterprise “Mykolayivvodokanal” (hereinafter referred to as “the Borrower”) has received a loan from the European Investment Bank – EIB (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) and a grant from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (hereinafter called “E5P”) – towards the cost of the Project “Development of the Water Supply and Wastewater Systems in the City of Mykolayiv”.
This International Invitation for Tenders relates to the contract(s) for:
“Supply of Priority Operations and Maintenance Equipment for Mykolayivvodokanal”; ICB No. MkUIP-Ph1-EST2-LOTs 2,3 and 5
The tender documents are prepared according to the World Bank Standard Bidding Documents and Contract Conditions for “Procurement of Goods”.
The procurement procedure will follow the requirements of the latest ruling EIB Guide to Procurement
Goods to be supplied are split into the following LOTs and bidders are free to submit bids for all LOTs, single LOTs, or any other combination of complete LOTs.

LOT 2 Supply of water meters for bulk consumers, 217 No. DN15-DN60
LOT 3a Supply of combined Sewer Suction and Jetting Vehicle, min. 11m3 volume
LOT 3b Supply of Acoustic Leak Detection Equipment
LOT 3c Supply of small camera for 20mm pipes and floating CCTV camera
LOT 3d Supply of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment
LOT 5 Supply of PC, control screen (video wall) and plotter
Note that these LOTs are tendered already for the second time since they could not be awarded with a previously launched tender which covered all 5 LOTs.
This contract will also include: testing (all LOTs), supply of spare parts (not for LOT 2 and 5), training (not for LOT 2 and 5), and after sales services (only for LOT 3a).
This contract is expected to be implemented from July 2017 to December 2017.
The criteria used in the tender evaluation are, in decreasing order of importance:
(1)  Completeness and fulfilling of all formal and administrative requirements of the bidding document
(2)  Eligibility and qualification of bidders (post qualification criteria):
a.    Bidders general eligibility
                                          i.    Bidders must dispose over the necessary documents of incorporation and registration of the firm
                                         ii.    No conflict of interest.
                                        iii.    Bidders must submit a signed Covenant of Integrity
                                       iv.    Legally and financial autonomous, operated under commercial law and not dependent agency of Borrower in case of Government-owned enterprise.
b.    Holding the manufacturers authorisation to supply offered goods
c.    Bidder must be able to provide after sale service in Ukraine
d.    Bidders must have completed within the last three years supply contracts similar in nature and complexity as the LOTs for which they apply for. Each of the contracts should have been based on similar Contract Conditions as the harmonized Master Bidding Document for Procurement of Goods issued by the World Bank.
e.    Bidders for Lot 3a - Sewer Suction & Jetting Vehicle, must prove minimum 10 years’ experience in producing the type of offered equipment.
(3)  Compliance of supplied goods to the Specifications and Schedule of Requirements
(4)  The bid price for LOTs 2, 3b, 3c, 3d and 5
(5)  The adjusted bid price for LOT 3a. Price adjustment will be done by considering costs for major replacement components and annual services.
All LOTs, for which the bid has been evaluated as responsive, will separately be ranked according to the resulting bid price. The Borrower will award LOTs separately to the Bidder that offered the lowest evaluated price for that LOT.
Contracts will be concluded per bidder for the contracted combination of LOTs.
All firms from all countries are invited to participate in the tender.
Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from, and inspect the Bidding Documents at:
Attn. Mr Victor Pisotskiy
Head of PIU
161, Pogranichna St.
54055 Mykolayiv
Telephone: +380-512-583916
Facsimile number: +380-512-244156
Electronic mail;
A complete set of Bidding Documents in electronic form will be sent by e-mail upon submission of an application to the above address. The documents are free of charge. Interested bidders must confirm receipt of the electronic bidding documents by letter, fax or e-mail. Only confirmed electronic versions are considered as tender docs issued by the Borrower!
Bid Security in the following amount must be submitted with the bid: For LOT 2: 8.000 (eight thousand) EURO; for LOT 3a: 6.000 (six thousand) EURO; for LOT 3b:500 (five hundred) EURO; LOT 3c:500 (five hundred) EURO, LOT 3d:500 (five hundred) EURO for LOT 5 no Bid Security is required. For a combination of LOTs, the bid security shall be the total of the sums specified for each LOT. The security shall be in the form of a Bank Guarantee fulfilling the formal conditions indicated in the Bidding Documents.
All bids must be delivered in closed sealed envelopes bearing the mention
“Bid for Supply of Priority Operations and Maintenance Equipment Mykolayivvodokanal”; ICB No. MkUIP-Ph1-EST2- LOTs 2,3 and 5
not later than: Wednesday 3rd of May 2017; 11:00 a.m. at the following address:
Attn. Mr Victor Pisotskiy
Head of PIU
161, Pogranichna St.
54055 Mykolayiv
Telephone: +380-512-583916
Facsimile number: +380-512-244156
Bids will be opened at 14:00 p.m the same day at the same place in the presence of Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend.

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